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Cycas arnhemica subsp. arnhemica

Published in: Telopea 7(1): 43-44. 1996. (Telopea View Publication info in IPNI View Publication info  in Tropicos)

Type Information

This name is considered a Synonym of Cycas arnhemica K.D.Hill

Nomenclatural notes: Autonym generated by C. arnhemica subsp. muninga & subsp. natja (in Telopea 7(1): 44-47)

Synonymy notes: Synonymization based on Dixon, Beagle 20: 12 (2004): 'Three subspecies, C. amhemica subsp. arnhemica, C. arnhemica subsp. muninga Chirgwin and K.D. Hill, and C. arnhemica subs p. natja K .D. Hill have previously been recognised by Hill ( 1996) for this taxon. The characters used by Hill (1996) to differentiate the subspecies, together with measurements taken from additional material held at DNA were found to overlap enough to preclude reliable identification at subspecific level.'


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