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Accepted Species

Accepted Species

Zamia angustifolia Jacq. View taxon in

Published in: Collectanea [Jacquin] 3: 263-265. 1791. View in Biblioteca Digital Real Jardín Botánico CSIC (Collectanea [Jacquin] View Publication info in IPNI View Publication info  in Tropicos View Publication info  in TL-2)

Type Information

Type Location(s): NT:pl. 636 in Icon. Pl. Rar. [Jacquin] 3. 1792 (t.p. 1790)

Type notes: Jacquin first published the name Zamia angustifolia in his Collectanea (Collectanea [Jacquin] 3: 263-265. 1789, publ. 1791 ) in 1791 and an accompanying illustration in his Icones Plantarum Rariorum (Icon. Pl. Rar. [Jacquin] 3. 1790, publ. 1792) in 1792. Eckenwalder (J. Arnold Arbor. 61: 715. 1980) incorrectly cited the later publication as the protologue, and designated the illustration published here as the lectotype. Since the illustration was published after the name, Eckenwalder's type designation must be considered a neotype.

Palmifolium angustifolium (Jacq.) Kuntze
Palmifolium angustissimum (Miq.) Kuntze
Palmifolium multifoliolatum (A.DC.) Kuntze
Palmifolium yatesii (Miq.) Kuntze
Zamia angustifolia var. angustifolia
Zamia angustifolia var. angustissima (Miq.) Regel
Zamia angustifolia var. yatesii (Miq.) Regel
Zamia angustissima Miq.
Zamia guggenheimiana Carabia
Zamia multifoliolata A.DC.
Zamia yatesii Miq.

Distribution: Bahamas (Eleuthera), Cuba (Guantánamo, Oriente, Santiago de Cuba)

IUCN Red List Conservation Status: Vulnerable; A2c [Source citation]


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