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The World List of Cycads
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Accepted species

Ceratozamia mexicana Brongn. View taxon in Tropicos.org

Published in: Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot. ser. 3, 5: 7-8, t.. 1 1. 1846. View in Biblioteca Digital Real Jardín Botánico CSIC (Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot. ser. 3, View Publication info in IPNI View Publication info  in Tropicos)

Ceratozamia intermedia Miq.

Ceratozamia longifolia Miq.

Ceratozamia mexicana var. mexicana

Distribution: Mexico (Veracruz)

Conservation Status:

Type informationCollector and Number: Brongiart s.n.

Locality: Cultivated in Hort. Bot. Parisiensis from material collected by Ghiesbreght in Mexico, 1845

Type Location(s): LT:P

Type notes:
Lectotype and epitype [J. Rees 1688 (XAL)] designated by Vovides et al., 2016 in Bot. Sci. 94(2): 425.


Author(s) Year Title Publication Page(s) Illustration(s) Comment(s) Abstract
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7-8 t. 1 Protologue description
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Lectotype and epitype designated

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