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The World List of Cycads

Welcome to the online edition of The World List of Cycads (WLoC), a comprehensive taxonomic reference for cycad taxonomy, nomenclature, biology, and literature. The WLoC is produced under the auspices of the IUCN/SSC Cycad Specialist Group (CSG). The online edition is hosted and sponsored by Montgomery Botanical Center.

The printed edition of the WLoC is published approximately every three years in the proceedings of the International Conference of Cycad Biology. The most recent printed version was published in 2020 in the Proceedings of the 10th International Conference of Cycad Biology and is available here. Additional information about the printed versions of the World List and standards used by the site can be found in the About Us page. The WLoC is a comprehensive compilation of cycad names including accepted names , synonyms , illegitimate names ,nomina dubia , and invalidly published names .

The online version of the World List of Cycads is periodically updated to reflect changes in cycad nomenclature and taxonomy. The current list consists of a total of 10 accepted genera and 376 accepted species, divided as follows: Bowenia (2 species), Ceratozamia (40 species), Cycas (119 species), Dioon (18 species), Encephalartos (65 species), Lepidozamia (2 species), Macrozamia (41 species), Microcycas (1 species), Stangeria (1 species), Zamia (87 species), Users can search all cycad names using several different fields or browse all currently accepted names. Additional information provided for names includes details associated with their publication, nomenclatural types, distribution, and conservation status.