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The World List of Cycads
A Comprehensive Taxonomic Reference

Accepted species

Cycas ferruginea F.N.Wei View taxon in The Cycad Pages View taxon in Tropicos.org

Published in: Guihaia 14(4): 300, fig. 1. 1994. (Guihaia View Publication info in IPNI View Publication info  in Tropicos)

Distribution: China (Guangxi), Vietnam (Lang Son, Thai Nguyen)

Conservation Status:

Type informationCollector and Number: F.N. Wei 1986

Locality: China: Guangxi: Guilin Botanical Garden, cultivated, introduced from Longzhou county, southwest of Guangxi, 31 Aug 1994

Type Location(s): HT:IBK

    Author(s) Year Title Publication Page(s) Illustration(s) Comment(s) Abstract
    Chen, CJ; Stevenson, DW 1999 ?Cycadaceae,? in Flora of China eds C. Y. Wu and P. Raven (Beijing: Science Press/Saint Louis, MO: Missouri Botanical Garden Press) Fl. China 4: 1-7

    de Laubenfels, DJ; Adema, F 1998 A taxonomic revision of the genera Cycas and Epicycas gen. nov. (Cycadaceae) Blumea 43(2): 351-400

    379 As synonym of Cycas szechuanensis [Abstract]
    Hill, KD 2008 The genus Cycas (Cycadaceae) in China Telopea 12(1): 71-118

    107-108 Description
    Hill, KD; Nguyn, TH; Lc, PK 2004 The genus Cycas (Cycadaceae) in Vietnam View in JSTOR Bot. Rev. (Lancaster) 70(2): 134-193

    165 Description [Abstract]
    Whitelock, LM 2002 The Cycads

    112 Description

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